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Lamar Light and Power Continues to Upgrade Equipment for 2016

  Houssin Hourieh, Lamar Light and Power Superintendent, told the Utility Board members that some expenditures have been budgeted for 2016 to update aging and outdated equipment. The plant will focus on power station relays for the 25 & 69 kilovolt substation equipment.  He noted, “The relays were manufactured in the 1960s and we can’t […]

Storm Repair Efforts Recapped at LUB Meeting

  Rick Beard assumed the duties of the interim chairman of the Lamar Utilities Board during the regular meeting held on Tuesday, August 25. Beard moved into that position when former chairman, Michael Bryant, said he would not serve another four year term due to time constraints. Beard will act as interim chairman until a […]

LUB Reviews 2016 Draft Budget for Lamar Repowering Project

  “This is a bare bones budget,” according to Houssin Hourieh, Lamar Light Plant Superintendent. He remarked that overall; it’s 27% lower than last year’s submission sent to ARPA for approval under their Joint Operating Agreement. ARPA, Arkansas River Power Authority, needs to have the budget submitted to them by August 1. 2016 revenues are […]

City of Lamar Can Take ARPA to Jury Trial over Repowering Project

The Senior District Court Judge, Scott Epstein, in the cases against ARPA by the City of Lamar and the Ratepayers comprised of several local business owners, ruled that although the Ratepayers case has no standing and their case was dismissed, the suits brought by the City of Lamar and Lamar Utilities Board can move forward […]

Judge Denies Lamar’s Restraining Order Request Against ARPA & Syncora

The City of Lamar and Lamar Utilities Board were denied a request for a temporary restraining order against ARPA, Arkansas River Power Authority and bonding agent, Syncora Guarantee, during a hearing conducted this past Wednesday, October 22. A Senior Judge, Scott Epstein, ruled that the parties will have 90 days to come to some form […]

ARPA Board Continues to Evaluate Power Plant Options

Press Release At its meeting on September 25, the Arkansas River Power Authority (ARPA) Board of Directors approved a resolution finding that it would be economically beneficial to dispose of and/or decommission the Lamar Repowering Project, rather than continue to maintain it in “cold standby”. This finding was based on reports prepared by a variety […]

Anderson Departs Lamar Utilities Board

  The Lamar Utility Board passed a resolution recognizing outgoing chairman David Anderson for his service to the community over the past five years.  He was presented with a unique combination clock and functional electric meter by Lamar Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, during the Tuesday meeting, July 29. Hourieh noted that Anderson’s departure leaves […]

Prowers County Commissioners Review ARPA /Repowering Project Scenarios

The public has a choice of two meetings to learn about developments relating to the ARPA Lamar Repowering Project and the two basic choices Arkansas River Power Authority board members may take to determine the outcome of the coal-fired plant in Lamar.  Meetings will be held on June 25 and June 30, at 7pm, both […]

ARPA Re-Evaluating Power Plant Options-1st Public Hearing June 11

The Arkansas River Power Authority (ARPA) Board of Directors recently announced that it is re-evaluating the long-term options for the Lamar Repowering Project to determine how to best meet its members’ future energy needs. The boiler for the coal-fired power plant has not been able to comply with its air emissions guarantees, and the plant […]

ARPA Bringing Lawsuit Against Light Plant Boiler Manufacturer

ARPA, Arkansas River Power Authority, is going back to court.  The utility company filed to bring a lawsuit against the boiler manufacturer used in the Lamar Repowering Project.  Babcock & Wilcox, according to a news release from ARPA, “has failed to deliver a fully functioning Boiler for the Lamar Repowering Project and failed to meet the […]

Lamar Utilities Board Approves 2014 Budget, Cook Leaves for City Council

The Lamar Utilities Board approved the budget for 2014 for Lamar Light and Power operations, tabled from their October 15 meeting.  One portion of the budget focuses on the Lamar Repowering Project.  Those expenses are funded through ARPA, Arkansas River Power Authority.  The other portion determines the revenue requirements needed from electric retail rates consisting […]

City Council & Utility Board Holding Special Public Meeting on Budget

      There is a special joint City Council/Utility Board meeting scheduled for Monday, October 21, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.  in the Council Chambers.  This meeting is to hold a public hearing for the 2014 budget and for a first reading of the budget ordinance.   Brenda Van Campen Assistant to City Administrator City […]

Lamar Utilities Board Delays Budget Approval

The Lamar Utilities Board postponed until their next meeting, October 29, any action on the proposed 2014 budget, pending the approval of the city budget by the Lamar City Council.  One action follows another and the city council postponed their budget action until a special public hearing meeting scheduled for October 21.  The city council […]

New Member Joins the Lamar Utility Board

Howard Hobbs was sworn in as the newest member of the Lamar Utility Board, Tuesday, September 24, by District Court Judge Stan Brinkley.  He is filling in the vacancy left when Don Steerman’s term expired.  The board membership is currently at full capacity, but the membership will be subject to a future change when member […]

City Council Approves Amended Weed Ordinance

The City of Lamar’s agreement with Honeywell Building Solutions for energy and utility upgrades in municipal buildings is ending as work on the contract is being finalized. $288,973 in contingency funds was included in the contract and $67,015 was spent on some contingencies leaving a balance of $228,043. Other work termed ‘change orders’ was performed […]

Utility Board Accepts Wind Turbine Bond Refinance Offer

  A resolution to refund the City of Lamar’s Wind Turbine revenue bonds was approved by the Lamar Utilities Board during their September 10 meeting.  The unanimous vote must still be approved by the Lamar City Council.  When finalized, $3.8 million in outstanding debt on the bonds will be refinanced at a lower interest rate […]

Anderson Voted to Chair Lamar Utililties Board

  The Lamar Utility Board voted to appoint David Anderson as chairman and Ron Cook as vice-chairman during a brief meeting this past Tuesday, August 27.  Don Steerman, the former board chairman declined to run for an additional term once his seat in office had expired.  That leaves a vacancy on the Lamar Utility Board […]

Public Hearing on North Gateway Park Annexation Scheduled by City Council

   The annexation of the Valco Pond area, or North Gateway Park into the City of Lamar, was discussed by the council and City Administrator, John Sutherland.  A petition of annexation of the 108.13 acres will be reviewed during a public hearing set for Monday, October 14.  The city was deeded the property by Valco […]

ARPA Resolves Years Long Legal Battle with WildEarth Guardians

  ARPA, Arkansas River Power Authority and the Lamar Utilities Board have ended their legal battles dating back to 2009 with the environmental group, WildEarth Guardians, over the emissions levels from the Lamar Repowering Project.  The agreement resolves two lawsuits filed against the utilities relating to air emissions levels.  The utilities groups will pay $450,000 […]

Electricity=1, Snake=0

    Power was disrupted to the southern section of Lamar mid-morning this past Sunday, May 26, when a snake managed to gain access to the LAMFO substation of Lamar Light and Power.  The unauthorized entry came at a price as the snake was zapped as it tripped the main transformer, causing an outage that […]