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4th of July Fireworks 2013 (4)


The Holly Rural Fire Department is working to offer a July 4th fireworks display next year if there are sufficient funds generated for the holiday project. Jake Holdren of the Holly Rural Fire Department addressed the town Trustees during their September meeting, outlining some of the needs related to the project. “All of the town’s clubs are on board with us,” Holdren said, adding, “We want to be able to do this up big for the first year, to get some activity generated so we can continue to have a display in the following years.”

He estimated it would take about $3,000 for a show excluding some of the start-up costs such as $300 for a permit and to certify the volunteers who would handle the fireworks. “We intend to raise some of our funds through a raffle, but the problem there is, we aren’t allowed to rollover any of those raffle proceeds into the next year. They have to be spent in that year. We want to be able to get a pool going to purchase additional fireworks for the next year’s display.” Granada holds their fireworks display on July 3 and spends about $1,600 while Lamar’s display costs about $8,000. Holdren explained that the money needs to be paid out months before the July event, so the fundraising activities will be underway prior to that, during the Gateway Fair and through the rest of the year until their goals are met. Mayor Brad Simon said the Trustees will see how the town’s finances would allow initial funding for the project.

Holdren asked the Trustees to consider matching the funds that were raised. “This doesn’t have to become an annual donation, just an amount that allows us to get a pool going for the following years,” he explained. Holdren said the earlier displays in the community just died away due to a lack of fundraising efforts. “The money dropped off and with fewer fireworks, the crowd just stopped attending,” he stated. “This will be a good way to pull the town together and to bring some money into the town for the annual event,” he told the Trustees.

By Russ Baldwin

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