CP&W Hosted Free Fishing Day


Waiting for a Nibble

Waiting for a Nibble


Half a dozen staff members of Colorado Parks and Wildlife were on hand at North Gateway Park in Lamar this past Saturday, May 16, hosting a second annual free fishing day for area youngsters.  All the youngsters had to do was show up with a parent, as everything they needed was provided for…even some of the fish!

Waiting for a Bite

Waiting for a Bite

“The pond was stocked with a couple of hundred trout the day before,” explained one of the CP&W technicians, as he handed out a small fishing pole to a young girl who was signing up for the afternoon of fishing.  The event ran from 1pm to 4pm, during which members of the Parks and Wildlife Department would supply kids with a pole, floater, bait and some basic guidelines about bringing in any fish they caught to be weighed and measured.  There was no need for kids to have a license, so long as they did the work/fun.  Parents needed to be on hand to supervise while the kids fished, but after that it was find your own best spot along the banks of the main pond and try your luck or skill.

“We’re actually having a smaller turnout than we had last year, but I think that’s because of other local activities such as graduation planning and the Lamar Days events,” explained David Miller, CP&W Wildlife Technician.  Part of the day was paid for through a Fishing for Fun grant which will be able to provide many more amenities at the park once the City of Lamar receives the bulk of the funding later this year.  It had been hoped that the funding would be made available last year to help finance construction of a shade shelter, permanent restroom facilities and a floating dock which would be ADA compliant.

“We took a look at some of the plans in light of the flooding from last year,” he said, explaining that the dock would go into a more shallow area beyond the main entrance.  “There are some plans now to terrace the steeper portions of the banks where, instead of just steps cut into the ground, we’re looking at a larger series of steps or terraces which would be graded down to the water’s edge,” he stated.  Miller said the City of Lamar has offered a lot of support for improvements to the park.  “Mayor Stagner, Rick Akers from the Rec Department and John Sutherland really want to see this area develop for visitors and residents alike,” Miller said.  He added that there are also plans for a four mile walking trail which would circle the pond and also travel eastwards along the banks of the Arkansas River, but that will also be contingent on funding.

“One thing we’ve noticed is that the visitors to the park are really taking care of it.  We don’t see a lot of trash lying around.  The city crews will come out to clean up and they’ve noticed that there isn’t a lot.  People appreciate what they have here now and want to take care of it for themselves and future visitors.”

By Russ Baldwin

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