Smoother Sailing on Annex’s North Parking Lot

Annex Parking Lot

Annex Parking Lot

As promised, the Prowers County Commissioners had the northern parking lot of the County Annex bladed and smoothed out this past week.  What used to be an acre  of assorted dirt bumps and dips has been leveled and a tree was removed from the middle of the site.  County crews also covered the dirt lot with gravel.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

It wasn’t a big area, but it felt like a roller coaster ride.  Drivers exiting the lot could voice exclamations of either, “Ouch!! My head!” from their noggin hitting the roof of the car, to, “!*?!$&*$” when your front end bottomed out just a few yards later as you returned to East Cedar Street.  It only took an extra one or two mph for that to occur.

The County still has some other, larger improvement projects to consider which will take considerably more funding, such as additional shower and restroom facilities at the Prowers County Fairgrounds, the parking lot on the east side of the Prowers County Courthouse and the sidewalk on the north side of the Courthouse.  One long range project involves the restoration of the courtroom ceiling and replacing the aged boiler.

By Russ Baldwin

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