Courthouse Boiler Needs Repairs

Prowers County Courthouse

Prowers County Courthouse


The Prowers County Courthouse is currently being heated by a back-up boiler that dates back to 1965.  Kirk Powers, Operations Manager for the county, told the commissioners that a crack has developed on one of fourteen sections comprising the primary boiler.  “If we had some serious cold weather issues, we’d be noticing the difference,” he said, discussing the capabilities of the back-up unit.  A build up of sludge and debris was found in a portion of the ventilation systems and the crack in one of the boiler sections was about three and a half inches long, he told the commissioners, showing a photo of the problem spot.  The primary boiler was installed in the courthouse in 1998.  The replacement/repair cost will be assessed by a technical engineer, brought in to make an estimate of the situation.  The commissioners said they’d contact DoLA, Department of Local Affairs, to see if grant funding is available.  Commissioner Wendy Buxton-Andrade, said there may be some level of emergency funding to cover any immediate costs, based on need.

Diana Woller on Right

Diana Woller on Right

A public hearing for a new liquor license ended in a unanimous vote in favor of granting the application to Wolves Company, LLC, d/b/a The Wolves Den Event Center, located south of Spreading Antlers Golf Course at 27534 Hwy 287, in Lamar.  The application was made by Diana Woller who explained the details of her proposal to the commissioners, using a Google Earth picture of the outdoor area to be developed.  “We’ll have a fenced in area surrounding a 150 by 40 foot tent for the events.”  She said that will be used to make sure the entrance to the event area will be checked to prevent underage attendees.  Woller said future plans call for the construction of a pavilion on a concrete pad which will host events.  “We aren’t going to be any kind of a bar and the license is only for beer and wine,” she explained, adding that the Center will be used as a host site for organizations or groups that want to hold an event, and she may plan events on her own.  Commissioner Ron Cook asked if the staff would be TIPS trained and certified to screen for underage persons and to make sure patrons didn’t over indulge.  Commissioner Henry Schnabel voted for approval, but cautioned Woller about infringements, “If there are reports of any problems from your operation, I won’t be supporting this in the future,” he stated.

Tammi Clark, Director for Public Health and Environment for the county, outlined the latest influenza cases for the commissioners.  “We saw the numbers begin to creep up for the past year with eight cases of hospitalization because of influenza, compared to our five year median of five.  It was a hot topic for Colorado, as state numbers showed 3,020 cases for the year, compared to the median of 1,000,” she explained.

The county had six cases of West Nile Virus for the year.  In her annual summary, Clark said, “It’s been creeping into our county and the season for the virus starts in August and runs through October, so come that season again, we’re starting our prevention campaign to keep the residents aware and educated. “  She said the county no longer receives funding for testing from the state, adding,  “We know the mosquitoes are here and it’s always going to be here now.  We just need to show our residents how to protect themselves.”

Clark said she has received certification from the state for Cavity Free Training, “We’re reaching out to Medicaid eligible children and can offer fluoride varnishing on their teeth.”  She said plans call for an assessment of the children and providing prevention training for parents and how often the fluoride varnishing will be available.  Clark added that an outreach program for other area providers in the county will start shortly.  “We have a lot of children that fall through the gaps, so this will be one way to help reach them,” she stated.

The commissioners also signed off on a request for county health employees to sponsor their own group for this year’s Relay for Life event, set for June 6-7.

By Russ Baldwin

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