Lightkeepers Ministries Seeking Headquarters

Prowers County Courthouse

Prowers County Courthouse

Mary Moore, of Lightkeepers Ministries, Inc., spoke with the Prowers County Commissioners this past Thursday, November 13, seeking an unused building that could be converted to a temporary shelter for homeless women in Lamar.

This past April, Moore, and her associate, Connie Gangwish, had hopes the former Troy Apartments on South Main Street would fit into their plans.  Moore was inquiring if the former Senior Center on East Elm Street would be available and affordable.

Kirk Powers, Operations Manager for the county, said any upgrades on the building would be costly, “It has a good structure, but the mechanics are bad.  You’d have to improve all the basics…plumbing, heat and air, electrical wiring and the roof needs repair too.  I’d estimate it would take about $250,000 to open the building for use at this point.”  There was also the issue of asbestos testing and abatement which would be another five figures.

The commissioners reviewed some other options for county owned property, but the old WPA building on East Maple Street, long vacant, would also require a costly upgrade before it was remotely usable for the Lightkeeper Ministries goal.  Moore explained the concept would be to offer temporary shelter for area women who found themselves homeless, either through drug use, divorce, coming out of jail or basic lack of finances.

In an April interview with this reporter, Moore and Gangwish explained their aim.  Once it’s running, the Ministries, which is faith-based, but non-denominational, will provide from three to five days lodging for homeless women.  Moore explained at the time, “We’re going to help them get back on their feet and provide time to make decisions regarding employment or future lodging.”  She said they aren’t competing with the Domestic Safety Resource Center which serves several counties in southeast Colorado.

By Russ Baldwin

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