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Paving Underway on Beech Street Parking Area

Paving Underway on Beech Street Parking Area


Area shoppers who couldn’t or wouldn’t park on South Main Street in downtown Lamar have always had the option of using the lots off East and West Beech Streets. Some residents haven’t felt comfortable parking on Main Street with semi-truck traffic, or even having to cross the street to shop on the north or south side businesses.

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This week, the city has been grading and paving over the two lots purchased earlier this year from local businessman, P.J. Wilson. These are located just east of Desiree’s Lounge on East Beech Street, across from the Lamar Chamber of Commerce.  They’ve been used sporadically in the past for parking for community events and the site of a one-time farmer’s market several years ago.  Now that they’ve received an overlay, residents attending this Saturday’s Oktoberfest should be able to park with ease and take some of the strain off curbside parking on adjacent streets.  With the holidays approaching, residents can use this lot for downtown parking and walk around the corner to Main Street, or cut through the smaller parking lot between the Shore Arts Center and Daylight Donut.

Some future plans for the lot include turning it into a performance area as well as an area for seasonal street fairs. Each lot measures 50 by 150 feet.  The Urban Redevelopment Authority purchased the properties earlier this year for $30,000.  Wilson had owned the lots for about four years and sold the property to the city at approximately cost value.  Shawna Hodge, Lamar Main Street Director, had said the land will play into future CDOT plans for downtown improvements.

By Russ Baldwin

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