Hasty/McClave Fire & Ambulance Service Calling for Public Hearing

Colorado Counties

Colorado Counties

A public meeting has been set for Monday, September 15 at 7pm at the Hasty Fire Station for  input on options facing the community.

The Hasty/McClave Ambulance Service, despite recruitment efforts, is currently operating with only two EMT’s, neither of whom is available during the day between 8am and 5pm due to their employment.  Bent County Ambulance Service has been covering day time calls when their staffing allows, but they are also short on help.  This results in longer wait times when you are in need of help./  A local ambulance would be able to get to you ten to fifteen minutes sooner if adequately staffed.  New recruits need to be signed up by January 1, 2015 in order to make it into the next EMT class.


1   Additional community members willing to be licensed as EMT’s:

  • All costs reimbursed for the class
  • No increase in mill levy

2   Create a paid position to ensure there will be available staff on call:

  • Need an increase in mill levy to fund the position
  • Draw in persons from surrounding communities to staff position with existing EMT’s

3   Discontinue the ambulance service:

  • Send tax revenue to outside agency to provide service; cost is unknown

You can voice your opinion by email at mchasty@cminet.net; Clay Hasser at 940-5858 or contact any board member-Arlen Burke, Gary Root, Justin Piatt, Mike Walters, Mitch Cass.

The Ambulance District is funded separately from the Fire District.


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