Holly Trustees Approve ARPA Reaffirmation

Holly Depot

Holly Depot

The Holly Trustees, by a five to two vote, passed the resolution reaffirming its contract obligations to ARPA, Arkansas River Power Authority.  Trustees Larry Sitts and Johnnie Lyons cast no votes during the regular monthly Trustees meeting on Wednesday, August 6.  Holly is one of six ARPA municipality members who have been requested to sign the reaffirmation contract from ARPA.  To date, the City of Lamar is the only ARPA member that has cast a no vote to reaffirm the organic contract.  The Holly approval vote means the town will share in a $2M settlement with the other ARPA members who voted to reaffirm.  Holly’s portion is $56,000 which will be placed in an escrow account for three years.

The Trustees had a back and forth conversation with Dewayne Grogan, who is attempting to sell his liquor store, D-M Liquors, to Ken and Kathy Baker.  The discussion centered on Grogan’s claim that the liquor license is still valid and can be transferred to the Bakers.  The Trustee’s position is that it was no longer viable when Grogan turned in his license to the town and the state was notified of that action.  The matter is being discussed with all interested parties and the state liquor authority for clarification.  The cost of the license transfer is $750, compared to the $1,000 fee for a new license and what may be a several month wait for the deed to be processed.

Randy Hetrick was reappointed to the Holly Housing Authority Board for a five year term.  He currently serves as the chairman.  Manuel Vazquez was appointed to the Holly Library Board.  Mandy Brown received a vote of approval to serve as the auditor for the town’s landfill and financial auditor in general at $700 and $5,200 respectively.  The Trustees approved a three year contract with SECOM to secure a landline and internet services for the Holly Theater.  The internet is required to download digital movies for the theater’s projector.  The Trustees gave their approval to the Prowers County Board of Health to oversee the enforcement of on-site wastewater treatment systems in the town.  A maintenance agreement for software and meter reading equipment was also approved.

Melissa Pecina outlined some ideas for children’s activities for the approaching Holly Gateway Fair.  Softball games for 13 and up age groups will be held and an assortment of kid’s games for a younger crowd is planned for the Shanner school playground.  Pecina said the Holly Fair Board has umbrella coverage for the activities and she requested additional ideas for activities and for volunteers from the Trustees.

During an early summer storm, a microburst shredded the liner blanket at the municipal pool.  City Administrator, Marsha Willhite, said the city set $6,000 aside in next year’s budget for a replacement costing $7,555.  The Trustees decided to submit a claim to see how much would be payed by the insurance company to be applied to the balance.  The pool will be in use until August 10.  Following a discussion of options, the Trustees decided to send letters to various property owners along a ditch east of Highway 89 where rain runoff has caused silt to build up in spots.  The Trustees are seeking options on a cost-sharing plan and logistics for cleaning the ditch following the fall harvest.  The next regularly scheduled meeting will be Wednesday, September 3.

By Russ Baldwin

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