Location Shift for Some Lamar Recycling Bins

Recycle Truck (1)

Trash Hauler Making a Collection Stop at Thriftway

Lamar residents who make it a point to recycle their trash on a regular basis may have noticed that two locations have been moved for their receptacle bins.  There are several locations in Lamar where the distinctive, sand-colored bins are located, but two have been moved over the past several months.

Recycle Truck (2)

Ready for Pick Up

With the closing of ALCO store, the recycle bins have been moved across Savage Avenue, to the northwest corner of the ball field complex, near the stand of trees at the intersection of Savage and Highway 287/385.  The bins which were located on the property where Sonic Drive-in adjoins the Pit Stop have also been cleared.  Those bins can be found at the Public Works Crew headquarters, along North Second Street, across from Lamar Light and Power.

Former Drop off point at ALCO parking lot in Lamar

Former Drop off point at ALCO parking lot in Lamar

The containers are owned by Southeast and Eastern Colorado Recycling Association, a company that has been hired by the county to maintain the bins and haul away the trash.  Prowers is one of 40 entities that uses the recycling associations services,  and for Prowers, the cost per person amounts to 17 cents a month to use the various recycling bins available in Lamar and other county communities.  Bins can also be found at the east side of the parking lot at Safeway and at the northwest corner of Thriftway Grocery Store, just off West Olive Street.  That is also the site of the E-Waste containers where donations are accepted the second and fourth Saturdays of the month, between 10am and 1pm.

By Russ Baldwin

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