PCDI Board Discusses Business Seminar Series, Wind Damage to Warehouse Roof


Wind Damage on Warehouse Roof

Wind Damage on Warehouse Roof

Prowers County Development Incorporated will co-host two different seminars for businesses and the general public in May.  The first will be held May 7 at 7pm at the Cow Palace Inn and will be hosted by Jeff Tranel, a CSU Agricultural and Business Management Economist.  Tranel will offer information to help family-owned farm and ranch businesses organize their legacies.  Topics include values and life lessons, financial assets and real estate and personal possession of emotional value.  He’ll also provide resources for estate planning, developing succession plans and leaving lasting legacies.  The cost of the seminar is $5 and walk-ins are welcome. 

The other seminar, in cooperation with Lamar Partnership Incorporated will be held on May 22 at 6pm and May 23 at 7:30am, also at the Cow Palace Inn.  PCDI Executive Director, Lance Benninghoff, said this seminar will be more broad based to general business practices, especially when dealing with the public.  The seminar will focus on Customer Experience and the means by which employees interact with customers to offer personal and professional service.  The seminar will also focus on best practices to employ, especially when helping out of town customers relate to the community.   

Section of Roof, North of the Warehouse

Section of Roof, North of the Warehouse

The western-most warehouse for PCDI’s East Washington Street properties lost a 30 foot portion of its roof due to the recent wind storms.  Board member, Lawrence Brase said the warehouse is not being used at this time and a cost assessment is being done for the insurance claim.  Daniels Construction was hired to secure the remainder of the roof with hurricane straps.  The lost portion of the roof also took out a light pole when it was ripped off the building.  Randel Realty was given a three month extension on their contract to market the properties to a buyer.  After that point, the board felt the properties should go back to a bidding process for a realtor.  Lance Benninghoff announced that he had been chosen to represent Prowers County with his appointment to the SCEDD Board.  SCEDD is the Southern Colorado Economic Development District which provides economic development planning and technical assistance to the twelve member counties in southeast part of the state.  Benninghoff recently met with Doug Dowler, Executive Director of SCEDD, to discuss an economic development community assessment for Prowers and two other counties.  A virtual mall storefront project was also discussed with the AroundUS Corporation and Dowler. 

Board members were presented with a proposal to use a portion of the warehouse property as a site for Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op.  Local residents Lisa Denman and Arvenia Morris explained how the non-profit, 16-state organization functions.  They requested that a portion of one of the warehouses would be used as a pick up point two times a month for those families that are purchasing low-cost deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Payments are made using either a debit or credit card so no local cash transactions are made.  Volunteers run the site for each coop distribution.  Board members expressed some concern regarding liability insurance coverage, storage needs and availability of personnel at the site.  No decision was made pending additional discussion.  County Commissioner, Joe Marble, said the SOS Center, which distributes commodities each month, could be a viable alternative.

By Russ Baldwin

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