Letter to the Editor: Manuel Cantu-Republican Candidate for Bent County Sheriff

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I would like to introduce myself.  I am Manuel Cantu and I am running as the Republican Candidate for Bent County Sheriff in the primary election on June 24, 2014.  I would like to thank all of my supporters that helped get me on the ballot. 

I have 25 years of law enforcement experience.  Prior to that, I entered the military in 1963 at 17 years old.  I served with the military for four years and during that time I was involved in the Vietnam War.  In 1968 I left the military and settled in San Antonio, TX and worked as a diesel mechanic.  In 1970 I married the love of my life, Joyce, and moved to Ohio where I began drive a semi truck along with other odd jobs, putting my family first and everything second.  With Joyce by my side, our family grew, with us raising seven kids, and from that we now have 18 grandkids and six great grandkids. 

In 1971 I decided that I needed to serve again and moved to Rangely, Colorado where I was a patrol deputy for Rio Blanco County, Colorado.  I served three years and then moved to Utah and worked for Vernal City Police Department for three years and then went to Uintah County Sheriff’s Office where I served 16 years, working closely with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and retired as chief investigator.  During my time with Uintah County Sheriff’s Office I obtained my Masters Degree in chemistry from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. 

After a short stint of retirement, I then went to work for the Utah Department of Corrections in Draper, Utah and later retired again to an empty house, because my children were all grown.  Joyce and I then purchased a semi truck and I drove for many years.  In 2007 Joyce and I bought our home in Las Animas and we have lived in the same home ever since. 

I have now decided to run for Sheriff of Bent County.  I strongly believe that the sheriff’s office is an office for the people.  Therefore my office will work for the people.  As sheriff of Bent County, the people of this county will come first and politics will come second. 

I will use the many years of not only my law enforcement experience, but also my life experience to provide the people of Bent County with the best law enforcement that they deserve.  I will do this by providing the staff with the exceptional leadership that is expected of the sheriff, because the agency and the way the staff interacts with the pubic is a direct reflection of its leadership. 

To the people I have already met, I have enjoyed our conversations about what you expect and what you want to see from the sheriff.  To the people I have yet to meet, I look forward to speaking with you and having discussions about where the sheriff’s office has been, where it’s going and what you expect from your sheriff’s office. 

Serving the people of Bent County as the sheriff is important to me because I am part of this community and when I go to bed at night, I lay my head down on my pillow, in my bed, in the house that I own, which is in Las Animas, Bent County, Colorado.  Thank you. 

Manuel Cantu
425 Poplar
Las Animas, CO

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