Fire Department Incident Reports – April 23, 2014

Lamar Fire Trucks (2)Friday, April 11
At 7:20 am on April 11, fire personnel were dispatched to an animal rescue at 606 South 11th Street in Lamar.  They were called by the pet owner to remove a cat that had gotten stuck in a swamp cooler.  The animal had not been accounted for in over twelve hours and was in obvious distress.  Fire personnel removed part of the swamp boiler to free the cat.  The cat was removed using a bath towel to protect the cat and the rescuers and then handed over to the owner.  Fire personnel returned the swamp cooler to its prior state.

At 1:10 pm on April 11, fire personnel were dispatched to a prescribed fire at the City Ballfields in Lamar.  Fire crews were called by the Parks Department to perform a controlled burn in the drainage behind the 4-pled and Merchants Park because the ditch had filled with tumbleweeds.  The site was assessed and deemed fit for clean up by burning.  Weeds were burned without incident and all units cleared the scene.

At 2:06 pm on April 11, fire crews were dispatched to 1110 South Main Street in Lamar in response to a medical call for a possible diabetic emergency.  The patient was found sitting in the room unconscious but breathing.  The patient’s BGL was 29 on the scene, IV was established in the left AC and D50 was given and the patient’s BGL went to 229.  Fire crew stood by while Med-4 processed a refusal.

Saturday, April 12
At 4:52 pm on April 12, fire crews were dispatched to Lamar Community College at 2401 South Main Street in Lamar on report of a woods or wild land fire. Specifically, the call stated that a fire had started in the trees around the transformer.  The fire was extinguished using two booster lines.  Cause of the fire could not be determined.

Friday, April 18
At 2:03 pm on April 18, fire personnel were dispatched to a medical assist located on Prairie Street at Willow Valley Creek in Lamar.  Crews were called to the scene for a RV that had crashed into Willow Creek immediately behind Prairie Drive.  Multiple crews arrived on scene but were later advised to stand down.

Monday, April 21
At 10:12 am on April 21, fire personnel were dispatched to 606 South 10th Street in Lamar on report of an oil or other combustible liquid spill.  Fire crews were called by the building department to investigate a possible oil spill that was called in anonymously in the 600 Block of South 10th Street.  Upon arrival, fire personnel found approximately two quarts of oil on the roadway.  Oil dry was used to clean up the oil.  Public Works was contacted to have a street sweeper go by and make a couple of passes to finish cleaning up the site.

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