Smoke and Spokes and Cowpokes

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The Santa Fe Trail Dutch Oven Cookers are sponsoring a simulation of the gathering of chuck wagons and ranch cowboys. Join us for Cowboy Up with the Chuckwagon at the End of the Line Arena at Camp Amache, Granada, CO., on June 7, 2014.

“Get em” with the wagon was a term used by the cowboys as they left the ranch headquarters to gather, work, brand, and sort the strays. The chuck wagon was their home most of the spring, summer, and fall. At noon at the chuck wagon the cowboy would change horses. The horse was one of the most important animals on the farm and cattle ranches. The horse had to be tough enough to make long rides and to gather the cattle for the days work. Cowboys used their best cow horses to sort the strays.

The participating ranches with their chuck wagons and cowboys will be competing in how well their camp is set up and how well their cowboys work cattle a-horse back. The Santa Fe Trail Dutch Oven Cookers will be serving a noon meal of ham and beans and cornbread at a nominal cost. There will be dessert served later with entertainment.

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