LFD Averts Close Call at Dragon Enterprises


Fire Department Responds to Alarm at Dragon Enterprises

Fire Department Responds to Alarm at Dragon Enterprises

The Lamar Fire Department helped avert a close call Tuesday, August 6, at Dragon Enterprises, that could have literally been an explosive situation.  Lamar Fire Chief Marshall Cook said the department responded to a Tuesday morning call, shortly after 9am, at the manufacturing plant on East Crystal Street where a hose on an acetylene tank ruptured; the gas ignited and the flame was pointing back onto the tank. 

Fireman Jeremy Burkhart said at its peak the flame was several feet tall and the tank had been heated to a glowing red.  Department members used water to extinguish the flame and to cool off the tank.  Burkhart said the department just allowed the rest of the gas to escape before they began their cleanup operation.

Dragon Tank Fire 8-6-13 (3)

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Cook and Deputy Fire Chief Pat Leonard agreed that had the tank heated to the point of exploding, there would have been a different scenario to contend with; given the room where the tank ignited contained other compressed oxygen and gas filled containers.  All the compressed gas tanks were cooled by drenching them with water and the damaged tank was moved outside the building.  The department cleared the scene shortly before 10am and the cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

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