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The Colorado State Patrol is moving into the former Big R offices on East Washington Street this month.  Captain Lawrence Hilton of the Colorado State Patrol, Troop 2C, located in Lamar, announced in a press release, that the Patrol is moving from its current location on West Parmenter Street to occupy some of the office space formerly used by Big R in Lamar as a warehouse and offices. The property was deeded to Prowers County Development Incorporated several years ago when the local Big R headquarters transferred its operations to Pueblo.   

CSP Office on Parmenter Street

CSP Office on Parmenter Street

Since that time, the PCDI Board of Directors has attempted to sell or rent the property, carrying it on local listings as well as with some Front Range realtors.  Although the property has been shown to several interested parties, nothing concrete has developed until the Colorado State Patrol announced its move.  For a while, the Lamar Police Department had also considered moving its crowded office space to that location, but the funds were not in their budget. 

Big R Propwerties on East Washington Street

Big R Properties on East Washington Street

The Washington Street buildings, considered by PCDI as an incentive package to induce potential new business operations to the county, needed monthly upkeep for utilities and insurance.  Over the course of the PCDI ownership, funds set aside for maintenance began to dwindle while the Board of Directors continued to cut back on overhead, until a line of credit from a local bank was needed to provide minimum care.  Although some office space is being rented, the majority of the warehouse space is still on the market. 

The Colorado State Patrol open house will be held on Wednesday, July 17, at 9am, at 310 East Washington Street.  The CSP will provide some breakfast refreshments and tours of the new office space will be available.

By Russ Baldwin


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