Plans for LiveWell Family Day Being Finalized


Lamar Municipal Pool

Lamar Municipal Pool

Saturday, June 22, plans to be a full day of family and health-oriented fun at Willow Creek Park.  Events are scheduled between 9am and 11pm, including a morning walk, run or bike ride, free swim day and an evening outdoor move.  Most of the activities offered will be free although there will be a minimum fee for those purchasing a picnic lunch. 

Emily Nieschburg, LiveWell Director, said on Wednesday, June 5, that other activities will include a bring or buy your lunch picnic, free swimming from 1-5pm at the municipal pool, some plans are being made for inflatables for kids to play on, a field day is set for 7pm which will be followed by a family movie in the park at 9pm featuring popcorn and other snacks.  “We’ll also incorporate the 5-2-1-0 outline into some of the day’s activities where kids can receive a certificate for a smoothie when they receive a brief outline of what 5-2-1-0 means for them,” she added.  Health programs develop a daily regimen for youngsters that incorporates 5 fruits or vegetables a day in their diet, 2 or less hours of playtime in front of a video or computer screen, 1 hour or more of physical activity a day and 0 sugary drinks in lieu of low fat milk or natural fruit juices.  She said there is room for some partnerships to help defray the expenses of the day and volunteers can sign up to help spread out some of the duties of the day as well.  Interested persons can contact her at 336-0261. 

Nieschburg had some additional good news for the community, stating she had been contacted by representatives of KaBOOM, a non-profit, national organization that helps communities construct playgrounds within walking distance of children.  She said the community built playground averages $100,000 and is constructed in one day by 100 volunteers.  Some potential sites around Lamar will be reviewed for as many as three locations for the equipment.  “This will also help to begin implementing our neighborhood leadership groups for the Healthy Places project,” she added.  She said information for the grant writing process is already being gathered for submission, as there is a short window of opportunity to apply. 

Nieschburg told the group an application for the $1M grant from the Colorado Health Foundation has to be submitted by June 15. Local recommendations to create a healthier, more physically active community were compiled from personal interviews conducted in Lamar this past April by representatives from the Urban Land Institute.  Based on the master plan created locally, the funding will be awarded to generate a multi-part concept for local changes including development of a walking loop around Lamar, riding or bicycling trails, connecting existing areas with pathways, signage and developing facilities within current parks to appeal to residents for a variety of uses.

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