City Clean-up, Looks Just as Nice at Almost Half the Price

Man and Machine on the Clean Up Path

Man and Machine on the Clean Up Path

Pat Mason, City of Lamar Public Works Director, provided statistics on the April city-wide clean up campaign.  Sixty-three city employees and volunteers spent 597.5 man hours in 2012, compared to 52 employees and 398 man hours and 32 volunteers working 253 man hours this year. 

2012 Trash Pick-up on Clean Up Day

2012 Trash Pick-up on Clean Up Day

$28,833.51 was spent on the clean up in 2012, compared to $17,768.33 for a savings of $11,065.  There was less debris and trash to pick up this year with 2012 statistics showing:   

                                                      2012                                 2013
Paint                                     325.25 gal                            172 gal
Oil                                          91.25 gal                          29.75 gal
Antifreeze                                     2 gal                              6.5 gal
Washer/Dryer                              2                                     2
Diswasher                                    1                                     0
Stove                                            1                                     0
Water Heater                               1                                     0
Refrigerator                                 4                                      3
Tires                                             90 CY                              60 CY
Trash                                       1,560 CY                            840 CY 

As a consequence of the smaller amounts collected, the most of fuel and supplies for the ‘thank you’ BBQ  was considerable less than in 2012.  There has been some discussion about holding another clean up day this fall, but the council has made no firm decision at this time.

By Russ Baldwin

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