KLMR-FM Off-Air for Repairs this Sunday


Transmitter Bays that Attach to the Top of Antenna

KLMR-FM will be off the air this Sunday, April 21, while some repairs are made to the FM transmitter.  Program Director, Ty Harmon, said the 470 foot heliax cable and the transmitter bays will be replaced by a three man crew, working at the transmitter and antenna site, south of Lamar.  The station will have to go off the air while repairs are being made. 

Real Big Reel of Coax Cable


Harmon said the transmitter has been running on reduced power after high winds damaged the original cable, causing it to short out.  KLMR-FM usually broadcasts with 100,000 watts of power.  The station went on the air in 1975. 

Climbers will ascend the 500 foot tall tower and once they are securely connected to the structure, will haul up eight transmitter bays which radiate the broadcast signal.  The cable weighs over 800 pounds and all 470 feet will be stretched from top to bottom of the tower and secured to holding clamps.  Electric winches will be used to pull the equipment from bottom to top.   

The repair crew hopes to complete the job in one day, as they cannot climb in high winds or inclement weather.  Monday’s forecast calls for a chance of rain, coupled with 30mph winds.  It should take the lead climber about a half an hour to to fourty-five minutes get to the top of the tower.

By Russ Baldwin

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