Happy Dash for the Goodies!

The Big Bunny Himself Greets Parents and Kids

This past Saturday morning was a perfect day for the Annual Lamar Parks and Recreation Department Easter Egg Hunt at Willow Creek Park. 

What took the Parks crew probably an hour or more to stuff 1,800 estimated eggs and spread them around the park’s landscape, was undone in a matter of moments, once the, “Get Set, Go” was called out to several hundred youngsters and parents who were gathering at the pool’s parking lot. 

The 9am event was delayed for a few minutes as the usual stragglers found a parking spot, but once they were settled into three age groups and had a moment’s meeting with the Easter Bunny, everyone was all set to spread out north to south along the park and ready to head east to gather as many eggs as they could in as short a time as possible.  Matt Nuehold from Parks and Rec had a few rules for the parents about not helping their kids pick up the eggs, but once the word was given, everyone was on their best behavior. 

Even a Fairy Princess Likes an Easter Egg Hunt

Some eggs were filled with treats, while others had certificates that could be redeemed at participating merchants as well as two tables nearby, supplied with other prizes from the Parks and Recreation Department and LiveWell, which offered some low-cal snacks and treats.  Something to offset the chocolate and candies left behind by the big bunny.

By Russ Baldwin


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