Lamar Redevelopment Authority Sets 2013 Budget

The Lamar City Council met as the Redevelopment Authority and passed a resolution approving an appropriation of revenue and expenditure funds for the 2013 budget.  A figure of $116,440, based on $115,940 for property taxes and $500 for interest income was set as the 2013 Lamar Redevelopment Authority budget.  Shawna Hodge, Lamar Main Street Coordinator, addressed the council on potential use of funds from the Authority.  Hodge said that some property owners along North Main Street in Lamar have expressed interest in having their section of the street decorated with red painted light poles as was done earlier between the county courthouse and the railroad tracks.  She said funds are not currently available, but the next segment of the project would likely be from BMS, south to the tracks.  The next planned step in the redecorating project will be to remove and repair and paint the benches along South Main Street, which will be done at C.F. Meier in Lamar.  

The council held a brief, regular meeting Monday night, December 10, and focused on city employee annual medical contracts and an agreement to collaborate with Lamar Community College, in exploring the concept of jointly providing library services to the city and college community.  John Sutherland, City Administrator said he had discussed plans for joint use of facilities with LCC President, John Marrin.  Sutherland explained that there may be some savings through cooperative use of facilities and potentially, the libraries used by the school system could also come into play.  The council gave approval for Sutherland to explore a joint venture.

 Sutherland noted some calendar changes for the city due to the holidays.  The next city council meeting will be held next Monday, December 17 and city offices will be closed Monday and Tuesday, December 24 and 25 as well as Tuesday, January 1, 2013.  City Clerk, Linda Williams, noted October Sales Tax Revenues were down 3.82% of $9,764.74 compared to the previous year.  Year-to-date collections were up 3.45% for $102,351.78.

By Russ Baldwin

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