Painting Some of the Town Red


City Crews Shelter Businesses from the Light Pole Paint on Main Street

City of Lamar street crews have begun to power wash 28 sidewalk light poles between the railroad tracks on Main Street up to the intersection at Oak Street. The crews will also break down the trash receptacles and benches to be repainted, part of a branding campaign developed by Lamar Partnership Incorporated.

A Somewhat Bent Bench Slated for Painting and Straightening

The light poles will be painted as they stand, but the benches and receptacles will be unbolted from the sidewalk for more of an upgrade and some repair work. Several of the benches have been a bit lopsided after snow removal efforts from the blizzard that struck southeast Colorado several years ago. Some highway graders and other pieces of snow removal equipment nailed a couple of the benches, simply because they were buried under several feet of snow.

The Red Color Should Dry a Shade Darker

Shawna Hodge, Lamar’s Main Street Coordinator said earlier they’ve selected a brick red color scheme which will help establish a common branding pattern for the downtown Lamar retail sector. As more funding becomes available, all the poles and benches along Main Street will receive the same treatment.

As was reported earlier in The Prowers Journal, The Lamar Partnership will unveil a new brand for Historic Downtown Lamar at a special event that will be held on Friday, November 9, from 5:30pm-7:30pm at the Shore Arts Center, Downtown Lamar. In addition to marketing materials, the new logo will soon be on display in banners lining Main Street, along with some freshly painted street lights.

“One of our biggest challenges is high speed, drive-through traffic,” said Hodge in an earlier statement. “There are no visual cues to slow down.” Many historic districts incorporate red as an accent color. We suggested that Main Street light poles and benches be painted historic red, to communicate a sense of arrival to motorists and to enliven the streetscape for businesses and their customers. “Your brand is your business handshake,” said Hodge. “We’re going to convey that the future is bright, and we’re moving forward.”


By Russ Baldwin


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