Letter to Editor – Thank you for Support for Donald Seufer, County Commissioner, District 1

Dear Editor:

I am writing today to thank everyone who supported and voted for my brother, Donald Seufer, candidate for Prowers County Commissioner, District 1. Even though he did not win I am very-very proud of him. — (It is interesting the opponents who have challenged this seat lose by such an extremely narrow-margin when other races in the county are so widespread.)

I complement my brother and everyone for taking a risk and putting themselves out there as a viable candidate. Thank you for:

1. recognizing your strengths—and your willingness to use those skills on-behalf of your community;

2. giving voters a choice, a good choice and for wanting to make a difference; and

3. being the one to step up and stand out when a lot of folks sit back and blend in (including myself!).

Just because you weren’t elected doesn’t change the significance of your heart, your abilities or your skills. It merely changes your plans.


Thank you again, Jo Lynne Seufer
1104 N. Winchester Lane
Liberty Lake, Washington

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