Sunny and Hot, with Very Concentrated Showers

Engineers Marcus Widener and Patrick Arrona

Two of the newest engineers for the Lamar Fire Department spent part of their Monday afternoon, getting acquainted with the department’s equipment.

Patrick Arrona and Marcus Widener were getting checked out by Ryan Cook at McKorkle Field on August 6.  Cook said this is part of the training the engineers receive when they join the fire department, pretty much standard operational procedure.  On the comment that it’s too bad there couldn’t be several youngsters taking advantage of the silvery water spray on another 100 degree afternoon, Cook said it was done several years ago at Bi Centennial Park, but the result was a muddy mess to the lawn.

Lamar Fire Chief Marshall Cook said both Arrona and Widener have prior experience as engineers, but it is standard practice to have them become acquainted with all the equipment once they’re hired on.  “We had to use some water in the practice, so we may as well put it to some good use on the field,” the chief explained.

By Russ Baldwin


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