Jan Hall Resigns from Prowers Medical Center Board


Jan Hall

PMC board chairperson, Candy Ruedeman confirmed that Jan Hall has submitted his resignation from the PMC board of directors, effective immediately.  Ruedeman told The Prowers Journal she had a phone call from Hall on Wednesday, August 1, and met with him to discuss his resignation.  Hall had addressed a letter to Ruedeman, as board chairman, declaring his intentions to resign.   

Ruedeman said it was a cordial conversation, and Hall explained that he felt the hospital was in good hands with the new board and it was time for him to move on.  She said that Hall stated he had given a lot of thought to making his decision. 

“Our next step will be for the board to find a replacement for Jan,” Ruedeman explained.  “The new board now meets for a two-hour work session prior to the monthly meetings, and we’ll discuss what our next steps will be.”  She said, “The process will be similar to our appointment of Julie Branes to the board.”  Ruedeman was referring to that appointment made several months ago, when Branes, a former PMC board candidate, was appointed to the board after Andy Wyatt declined to serve as a member.  Election rules state that the next highest vote getter from the past spring election does not automatically become the next on the list for consideration. 

“Personally, I’d like to find out what other persons in the community are interested in serving on the board,” Ruedeman stated.  As in the last situation, letters of interest were solicited and reviewed by the board before making a decision and appointment.  The board’s next work session will be Tuesday, August 21, one day prior to the monthly meeting on Wednesday evening at 7pm.  Hall’s unexpired term will carry through to 2014.

By Russ Baldwin


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