Yes, It is Hot Enough for Me, Thanks for Asking!!

According to the National Weather Service, Lamar made the record books for the hottest city in the United States on Wednesday, July 4, tying with McCook, Nebraska at 107.  The Pueblo Chieftain published a brief story on Lamar’s dubious distinction/achievement this morning.  For the most part, we’d rather skip the honor and give it to a city more deserving, and find another topic of general conversation.   

The degree of hot is relative to the amount of heat you experience.  Folks in more humid areas of the country like Florida, Michigan or Louisiana have to contend with the heat AND humidity.  A double shot of being uncomfortable.  It does affect you the same way that you can stick your hand inside a 350 degree oven for a couple of moments and not get burned, but put your hand into a pot of boiling water at 212 degrees, and you learn how much the extremes differ on your body.  The physics professors say that’s a classic example of density factors. 

Most of the city’s citizens agree, they can’t remember when it’s been this hot, this long a stretch.  Here’s a NWS June and July summary for the hot days of those months for Lamar. 

                                    Hi                            Lo
June      18               102                         54
                19               108                         61
                20               108                         67
                21                 88                         64
22                 85                         65
23              102                         72   Reporter’s central air breaks
                24              108                         70   Briefly repaired, dies again
25              108                          63  New air conditioner ordered
26              108                          72
27              111                          81   air conditioner installed, marriage saved!!
                28              111                          64
                29              108                          60
                30              106                          67
July        1                104                          67
                2                103                          67   utility bill arrives, afraid to look
                3                102                          73
                4                107                          67
                5                105                          73 

One word of caution about the heat.  If, when playing around the house and you’re going to spray the kids or even the family pet with a garden hose to cool them down, let it run for a few seconds to get all the hot water out of the hose.  People have been hurt from the water already steaming in the hose.  You may want to check the baby’s car seat for a temperature if it’s been sitting in the sun before you take a drive.

By Russ Baldwin  


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