Loveless Confirmed as New PMC CEO, Board Cancels Contract with Billing Firm

Unhappy with its general customer service performance, Prowers Medical Center ended the agreement with the current billing agency and opted for one which will be able to provide more localized service, as well as itemized statements.  Board members agreed with CEO Craig Loveless, stating during the monthly board meeting, Wednesday, July 25, that in order to provide quality service to PMC customers, they need the assurance that all their needs are being met, especially on a financial level.  He stated that, “There is no need whatsoever for a patient to be mailed a bill one day, and have a call for collections from the billing agency the very next day.”  Board member Ron Farmer agreed, stating that he is in the process of correcting a mix-up of incorrect billing from the current firm.  Loveless said the change to the new provider should be accomplished by late September or early October. 

Aside from a contract signature, Craig Loveless has been hired as the permanent Chief Executive Officer of Prowers Medical Center.  Last month, the board stated that an offer had been made to Loveless, who had been the interim CEO since James Fairchild’s departure in May. 

Board chairman, Candy Ruedeman, announced some changes as to how board meetings will be conducted in the future.  Executive sessions will close the monthly board meetings instead of open them.  In a move to streamline the meetings, a work session will be held the evening prior to the monthly meeting and one will be scheduled an hour prior to the regular meeting on the fourth Wednesday of the month. 

Hospital attorney, John Lefferdink told the board he and CEO Loveless had reviewed the board’s by-laws and reviewed with them, some of the recommended changes.  A similar review of medical by-laws was conducted with Dr. Barry Portner, Chief of Staff.   Lefferdink said he would provide a final draft for review to the board for their August meeting.  Lefferdink recommended the board approve a standard less for oil and gas drilling on hospital property with Land Energy, Inc., which has been active in buying up leases throughout southeast Colorado.  The hospital will receive a signing bonus of $1,900 and will be entitled to royalties from any well development.  The hospital has 153 acres of land north of Lamar and 19 of those acres are being leased.  The hospital has no surface rights, but Lefferdink said he’d explore any mineral rights the hospital may have accrued over the years. 

Prowers Medical Center and High Plains Community Health Center entered into an agreement to provide prenatal services to expectant mothers.  The provisions were developed by Dr. Barry Portner from PMC and Jay Brooke, executive director of HPCHC.  Barring any high risk health developments to mother and fetus, High Plains will oversee medical care for patients up to the 32nd week of term, at which point, the hospital will provide medical care.  The patients will be charged comparable prices between the two providers.  Patients benefit with continued medical care through all phases of maternity as well as having that care provided locally. 

Steven Givans, a LPN at Prowers Medical Center, is the first person to receive financial aid from the hospital under regulations revised by the board for providing educational financial assistance.  The board approved a five-year employment contract for Givans, who will receive training to attain a Masters Degree to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.  The 2.5 year course is mostly online, but requires local training as well.  Under the new guidelines, any recipient must maintain a 3.0 GPA, and tuition payments are now made directly to the education provider.   

Several focus sessions were held with community members and hospital employees by QHR representatives.  Prowers Medical Center is managed in part by Quorum Health Resources and the sessions were part of process to develop a Strategic Plan for the hospital, identifying strengths and weaknesses and helping define goals which meet community health needs.  A preliminary report will be outlined at the August board meeting along with a discussion of the impact the Affordable Care Act will have on the hospital and patients.  The next board meeting will be held August 22.

By Russ Baldwin


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