Severe Winds Damage Parts of Prowers County, Power Outages

Tree on Northwest Corner of Willow Creek Park

Winds in excess of 65mph swept through the middle of Lamar Saturday afternoon, April 2.  The awning atop the fuel pumps at Tank and Tummy at South Main and Lee Street was topped, crushing one set of pumps and sending a spray of glass across the parking lot.  There were no injuries.  The winds kept moving; into the northwest corner of Willow Creek Park, where several stately trees were pushed over to the north by the same storm.  Numerous limbs littered the park, and even sent some flying into the Lamar Municipal Pool.

Portion of Roof from Trailerhouse West of Walmart

Light Pole at Jim Earl Field

High winds also ripped part of the roof off a trailer home in the park that lies due west of Walmart, while the store was untouched, save for several shopping carts that were spread over the parking lot.  The stores that lined East Olive were untouched.  The winds also knocked out power to the street along Savage Avenue to West Cedar Street out to the Lamar High School.  Power was not affected from about South 8th Street to Main Street.  Lamar Police Officers said eight power poles had been knocked down and some of the roads leading into Savage Avenue were blocked off.  A light pole in Jim Earl Field was also knocked over by the strong gales.

Cancer Survivors Gather for Traditional Walk at Relay for Life

Winds, rain and hail called a temporary halt to the 11th Annual Relay for Life at the Lamar Savage Stadium.  All the participants delayed putting up their tents and rode out the storm in the Community Building until the worst of the storm had passed and then proceeded with the overnight activities.  Some events were re-arranged, but the Cancer Survivor’s walk started right at 8pm.

Hail at just less than one inch was reported in Prowers County, which was under a tornado warning until 6pm.  Although there was rain and lightning and the report of a brief tornado in Kiowa County, three miles south of Eads around 5pm, no injuries had been reported by Saturday evening.  Damaging winds were also reported in Two Buttes and Baca County and several power poles were knocked over between CR 39 and KK and a power pole was snapped on Highway 196 at MM 182.  According to Lamar Police, a semi truck was blown over by the storm winds by the Wiley intersection, but there have been no reports issued at this time from the Colorado State Patrol.

Although Prowers and some surrounding counties were under a tornado, and later a severe thunderstorm warning, there were no sirens sounded, as the strength of the winds intensified so quickly.  Sometimes these winds, as well as microbursts do not leave the same pattern on radar, allowing for a warning to be delivered in advance of those type storms.

As of 8:30pm, Lamar Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh estimated that most of the power would be restored to the majority of Lamar, with the exception of some areas between South 10th and 11th Streets and South 6th and 7th.  Hourieh said those lines will have to be rebuilt before residents in that neighborhood regain power.

By Russ Baldwin

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