Wyatt Resigns from PMC Board

In an unexpected development, Andy Wyatt submitted a letter of resignation from the Prowers Medical Center Board of Directors, citing a conflict of time as his reason. Wyatt and Ronnie Farmer was elected to the Board during a May 8, 2012 election out of six candidates for the two open positions. Candidates were selected by a majority vote for the at-large seats. Wyatt states his belief in the possibility that Julie Branes, one of the six candidates, would replace him on the board as the next highest vote-getter. The Prowers Journal attempted to contact Designated Election Official for the election, Audrey Kane, for guidelines in the matter, but has not been able to contact her as of this article. Farmer received 1,188 votes, Wyatt received 1,021 and Branes was next with 793 votes cast. The annual Board of Directors meeting for PMC is scheduled for May 23, at which time, the new board members are expected to be sworn in.

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DEO for Prowers Medical Center, Audrey Kane responded with information regarding protocols to be followed in light of Andy Wyatt declining to accept a position on the PMC Board of Directors.  The protocol is as follows:

The correct protocol for a Special District Board vacancy is addressed in Colorado Revised Statute 32-1-905 (2) (a) which states:·        

Any vacancy on the board shall be filled by appointment by the remaining director or directors, the appointee to serve until the next regular election, at which time, the vacancy shall be filled by election for any remaining unexpired portion of the term.Our next regular election is scheduled for May 2014.


May 15, 2012 

Mr. Jan Hall
Board Chairman
Prowers Medical Center
401 Kendall Drive
Lamar, Co  81052 

Dear Mr. Hall, 

It is with a sad heart that I find it necessary to decline the honor afforded me by the citizens of Prowers County. 

After much thought and prayer, I have determined I have not the time to serve on the board of Prowers Medical Center. Serving on this board would be a valiant cause, however it comes at the wrong time in my life. 

One cannot serve two masters. I currently serve on the general and executive board for the American Baptist Conference of the Rocky Mountain Region (ABC-RM). In the interim of placing my name in nomination for the PMC board and subsequent election, I was appointed to the ABC-RM finance committee, as its chairman. 

My first obligation to the citizens of Prowers County is to fulfill my duties as the county assessor. Previous experience tells me that these duties will suffer should I undertake another time consuming venture. 

I am passionate about Prowers County and its future. Moreover, if this county is to grow and prosper, a modern professional medical facility is of paramount importance. I hope and pray the board will come to terms with the change that is apparent and Prowers Medical Center will become the “Medical Center” for southeastern Colorado. 

Regarding my replacement, I believe protocol would dictate the board appoints Julie Branes in my place. 


Andrew B. Wyatt

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