Big Timbers History Corner #1

Do you ever imagine what Lamar was like in its younger days? Where was the nicest place in town to eat out in the first half of the 20th Century? The Maxwell House would have been a major contender for that honor. It was located where PCDI is today, right at the corner of Main and Olive. This photo is just part of the full menu on display at Big Timbers Museum. (Open 1 – 4 pm Tuesday – Saturday, 336-2472)

Speaking of history, when was the last time you visited the Big Timbers Museum? Admission is only $3 for individuals; $5 lets you bring the whole family for a fun learning experience that also helps preserve our Prowers County heritage for future generations. Open 1 – 4 pm Tuesday – Saturday. Call 336-2472 for more details.

Compliments of Susan Crites

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