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Letter to the editor 4/21/2012

Citizens of Prowers County Hospital District:

I want to take this opportunity to let the voters know why Prowers Medical Center patients will benefit from the new rehabilitation center. I am extremely disappointed in all of the negative rumors being circulated in our community at this time and would like to set the record straight. I want you, the citizens, to be well informed before making your decision.

At PMC Rehab, our services have doubled in the past 5 years. We do understand there are other providers who provide some of the same services we provide. People should have a choice in healthcare. We choose our own primary doctors, dentists, eye doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists. To my knowledge, occupational and speech therapy services are only provided on an outpatient basis at Prowers Medical Center with the exception of the nursing homes. For Medicare recipients, all outpatient clinics have caps placed on the dollar amount of benefits they may receive in a calendar year, except hospital based clinics. These caps are set by CMS (Medicare).

We, PMC Rehab, have worked very hard in providing excellent patient care. Last year we were voted The People’s Choice. We have a team of highly educated clinicians who personally care about you, the patient. We have provided those in need with food from our own freezers, beds or furniture from our own homes, and clothing. We are interested in your families, the good things in your life as well as the trials you are experiencing. We are family. It’s because of our compassion and knowledge that we have outgrown what we call home.

Our clinical staff consists of: 2 Physical Therapists with Doctorate degrees, one of those also being a Certified Athletic Trainer; 4 Physical Therapist Assistants (we are actively recruiting for an additional PTA); 1 Occupational Therapist (currently working on a Master’s Degree); 1 Speech Language Pathologist with a Master’s Degree (CCC). We have 3 students currently in programs to assist with our continued growth including an additional physical therapist, a physical therapist assistant, and an occupational therapist. They were all raised in the area and WANT to return to Lamar to serve the community.

Patients now have to wait to get to a treatment room or to utilize equipment. We are using hallways as treatment space. Patients exercise in our waiting area. The top feedback we receive in patient satisfaction surveys is that we need additional room and that they would like us to offer aquatic therapy. For every patient we have in the gym area, there is also a clinician. It is not unusual for there to be 6 – 10 individuals working in 900 square feet of space.

In closing, I would ask, “Is 50 cents a week property tax on a $100,000 home too much to ask to provide continued excellent patient care for yourself, your family, your friends and fellow community members?” PLEASE VOTE “YES” on the PMC bond issue.


Lori Denman, CPTA, Rehab Manager Prowers Medical Center


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