Holly Commercial Club Reviews Membership-Monthly Speakers

The Holly Commercial Club Meets the First Wednesday of the Month at Noon

Holly Commercial Club Minutes

February 1, 2012

12 noon

Holly Methodist Church


Prayer was said by Ralph Plummer and a delicious lunch was served by the Methodist Church. 

Call to order at 12:25 pm by President Ralph Plummer. Attendance roll sign-in sheet was passed around. 

Minutes; A motion for the January minutes to be approved was made by Cynthia Simon and seconded by Viola Melcher, approved unanimously.                       

Treasurer’s report was distributed by Meadow Casey with income/expense spreadsheets for those present to view. 

The Shopper Report was distributed by John Golden with a net gain of $115.74.  

Old Business: 

  • Marsha Willhite spoke of promoting business versus entertainment as the menu for the Commercial Club in 2012 and suggested hiring business or motivational speakers to promote growth ideas. Economic growth and development has been on the rise since the tornado struck the town and the governing body of the Town of Holly also wants to promote growth. Marsha welcomed new ideas and concepts. Pearl Reyman supported this idea and recalled many speakers in past years at the Commercial Club meetings. Calvin Melcher recommended contacting Lamar Community College for a list of speakers available and Marsha mentioned she may have that list via e-mail. Marsha extended an invitation for other businesses to attend as well. 
  • John Golden suggested inviting youth groups to Commercial Club meetings such as the Wrestling team one meeting and the Basketball team another to encourage future growth and participation in our area. John mentioned that Michael Daskum may be interested in presenting information on drip system technology and this may draw the public to attend. John also suggested that Gateway Products may be interested in presenting their products at a meeting or we could include the Sherriff’s department to give a presentation on Business Security, Reyman’s could promote their fresh meat business. These presentations could be presented at different meetings to promote outside attendance and increase participation for the Commercial Club. 
  • Some suggests and concerns were brought up about having groups and speakers come to commercial club
    • Would like to advertise head of time who the guest speakers are.
    • How often would a speaker be invited during the year?
      • Quarterly was decided on
    • Who will pay for the guest speakers’ meals?
    • Next month: Michael Daskum will be the guest speaker. He’ll be talking about the drip system.
  • Reyman’s would like to have a barbecue this summer to promote their fresh meat business.
    New Business:
  • Holly Movie Theater Fund Raising Project, so far raised $17,000
    • February 12, 2012; Sunday night; Dinner and a Movie. Tickets are $50.00 a person that includes a steak dinner with trimmings and a screening of “War Horse” at the theater.
    • Reader Digest is holding a contest called “We hear you America” which will give the top 10 towns with the most votes $50,000 to use to better the community. Contest ends March 1st.  Everyone is encouraged to vote.
    • March 25th: Jazz Band Take 5 will perform and April 17th: Arkansas Valley Percussion Band will perform. More information to follow.
    • A Silent Auction is being organized; in the process of collecting donations.
  • KVAY’s contract with commercial club is up for renewal. Last year commercial had 176 Ad’s on the radio and cost the commercial club $105.00/ month.  To keep the same contract the amount it will increase the monthly cost to $110.00.
    • Approved
  • Marsha Willhite would like to encourage people in the community of Holly to attend the Annual PCDI Meeting and Dinner on 02/16/2012. It’s a good way to see how PCDI benefits the Holly community. Marsha hopes to have a least three tables of Holly people there. Also Marsha handed out a current list of local businesses.  
  • Randy Holmen updated the commercial club on the progress of new school. John Golden would like to inform people of where sports will be played. Games will be played away until completion of track and fields. 
  • The board who like to acknowledge Darlene Bruce as the new treasurer for the commercial club. 

Viola Melcher made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:10 pm and Pearl Reyman seconded the motion. Thanks were given for a delicious meal.  

Respectfully submitted by
Chantel Fuller



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