Help Save the Holly Theater!!

The Holly Commercial Club Meets the First Wednesday of the Month at Noon

An internet voting campaign has been started to try to win $50,000 from Reader’s Digest.  The “We Hear You America” contest is underway on the Reader’s Digest website.   The Top Prize is $50,000 for a community that is able to garner the most votes for their particular project.  Other prizes will also be given away.  Holly has its sights set on a $100,000 digital motion picture projector. 

According to Ralph Plummer, President of the Holly Commercial Club, if a new projector hasn’t been purchased by December 31, 2012, the Holly Theater will have to close its doors.  35MM films will no longer be shipped to the theater, and the majority of first run movies are not printed in the 33MM format.  Many of the older 35 MM movies have not stood the test of time, so even older movies won’t be shown at the theater.  $20,000 has been raised so far, but that still leaves the $80,000 balance.  If Holly can win this contest, it would really help their finances towards a modern projector, and the theater will remain open.   

Voters must be at least 18 years of age and you can vote as often as you want between now and March1, 2012.  Some people have already voted more than 100 times.  Each vote cast must be done manually.  An automated entry or voting device would disqualify Holly from the contest.  The Holly Pride Committee is responsible for running the theater and because of its tax deductible status, is able to receive direct donations for a new projector. 

The website is:
Keep the votes coming in and help save the Holly Theater!

by Russ Baldwin 

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