PMC Acquiring Radiology Information System

Prowers Medical Center continues to upgrade the hospital’s medical and information technology with the purchase of a Radiology Information System.  Chief Executive Officer, Jim Fairchild, briefed board members on how the equipment will integrate with the Picture Archive System purchased two years ago.  X-rays and other radiology reports are currently digitized and emailed to a medical assessment consulting firm in Colorado Springs.  Patient results are faxed to the PMC medical staff.  Fairchild said the new system will allow diagnostic information sharing to be broadened among all the hospital departments such as Ultrasound, CT scanner, mammography and nuclear imaging, plus the emergency room, as well as the High Plains Community Health Center, and specialty physicians.  Qualified staff will have immediate access to a patient’s records from computer terminals within the local medical community.  The latest purchase will be a part of an on-going update to a comprehensive mandated electronic records and patient billing system by 2012.  Fairchild said other than increased medical information sharing; the hospital will see a 4% savings by not having to outsource its medical billing procedures. 

The hospital had a healthy revenue picture from this past October.  Interim Chief Financial Officer, Audrey Kane, stated that October showed a net income of $329,127 against a budgeted figure of $37,555.  Net operating income for October was $313,070.   Net patient revenues are $2,339,510 which is $281,948 more than anticipated.    Cash at month’s end was $5,201,670, an $119,031 increase from September. That amount of cash represents 88 days of cash on hand, the same as last month’s figures. 

Fairchild announced that in light of oncologist, Dr. Headley selling his practice to Rocky Mountain Cancer Services, he has been successful in reaching a contract agreement with an oncology firm.  Fairchild said the group has three oncologists and two nurse practitioners and as soon as their credentials are approved, they will begin seeing patients at Prowers Medical Center.  Fairchild said he wants to be able to have that done as quickly as possible so there is no break between their arrival and Dr. Headley’s departure. 

On that note, Fairchild said two physicians will be joining the specialty clinic in 2012.  A husband and wife doctor team, Drs. Shawn and Krysta Nakamura, will begin seeing patients in January.  Shawn Nakamura is an orthopedic surgeon and his wife is a dermatologist.   Both will begin seeing patients in the outpatient specialty clinic in January.  Dr. Theresa Garcia, Family Practice/OB is set to begin her practice at PMC in January, once her Colorado Medical License is approved.  She will provide service at Holly Medical Clinic and the Lamar Medical Clinic. 

Mike Bryant, PMC Foundation Director, presented an overview of the newly created Foundation Wish Book to the PMC board of Directors.  Bryant explained he’s requested and received a medical equipment wish list from hospital departments.  The pages describe the equipment, its purpose and price, and only priority medical equipment will be accepted for listing.  Bryant said copies of the book are available throughout the hospital departments and online at the Foundation web page.  Board member Marge Campbell suggested the books be made available to patients for their input and Bryant said he would put that into action. 

In general news items, PMC will be a drop off site this year for Toys for Tots as well as for canned goods for community donations.  Some tentative plans have been mentioned to have the hospital organize a Christmas Carol walk or hayride this month.  In other news, to date, the total number of participants for the 2011 Health and Wellness Fairs totals 1649, up by 185 over last year.  Discussions continue with CPR, Colorado Personnel Resources, to offer an outpatient pain management clinic at PMC.

By Russ Baldwin


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