What a Windy Weekend

A lot of tumbleweeds got a chance to change their location in southeast Colorado this past Saturday, with wind gusts approaching 60 mph for a portion of the afternoon.

As usual, trash cans went rolling down the alleyways, some shingles went sailing from neighborhood roofs, a lot of autumn leaves were stripped from the trees earlier than expected and high school football and a college soccer game was played in less than favorable conditions. Dry dust was evident in some farmland areas, as the distant view of various landmarks were obscured off and on.

Strong winds tipped an 18 wheeler on its side a few miles west of Granada on Highway 50 Saturday afternoon, but there were no injuries reported at the time, although the local Haz-Mat Team, the Prowers County Sheriff’s Deputies and Rural Fire Department responded, as did the Lamar Ambulance and Colorado State Patrol. The highway was briefly shut off to traffic while the accident was cleared.

Meanwhile up in the dusty skies, an Osprey aircraft didn’t seem bothered by the winds one bit on Saturday, as the rototilt aircraft was using the Lamar Airport for various maneuvers. Airport staff said the combination plane/helicopter had been making practice landings and take-offs since Friday. Both the Marines and Air Force employ the vehicle, of which around 109 were manufactured, and some have seen service in the Far East. The plane, known as a VTOL type, for vertical take-off and landing, had no apparent problem holding steady in the southerly gales as it hovered several dozen feet above the runway. Because the engine nacelles on the wings tilt forward or straight up, the aircraft has no need for a lengthy runway in order to land or take off.

By Russ Baldwin
Photo and Video by Russ Baldwin


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