Theater Marquee Repaired Again

No Business Like Show Business!!

Workers watched their step last week, walking along the Lamar Theater marquee.  The noted landmark on the east side of Main Street has been the unfortunate target of high-profile semi trucks over the years.

The last contact came this past spring when a semi, parked in front of the theater, pulled away from the curb and took away a portion of the base of the marquee where it was closest to the street.  Theater owner, Rick Ross said at the time, the proximity of the vehicle to the curb, and the fact that the highway is cantered away from the median strip, combined to have the top portion of the truck clip the bottom of the marquee.  Apparently the driver was unaware of the damage that was done, but he was contacted by Lamar police who were notified by the theater owner.

Addition work on the marquee base was done this past Monday afternoon, using a two-man hydraulic lift.

By Russ Baldwin


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