Granada Board Reviews Landfill Upgrades/Policy Changes

The Granada Town Board reviewed several changes for operations at the town landfill during their monthly meeting, Wednesday, September 14.  In light of several vehicle accidents at the landfill, some specific signs will be set up for the general public.  The reminders will pertain to the limitations of the town’s responsibility for use of the landfill.   The public will also be reminded that the refuse at the landfill belongs to the town, and citizens must have permission from the town clerk before any items can be taken from the dump, especially metal.  The town board has a metal recycling and transport contract with members of the Tyree family, and no other persons should remove metal items from the landfill.  Tin cans may be recycled, but only loose cans may be taken.  Board member Jarene DeBono told the landfill supervisor that residents may not tear open trash bags to retrieve the cans.  Pallets may be taken away, but citizens must contact the clerk before hauling away tree trunks or limbs for firewood.  Another new policy enacted by the board is that residents who pay landfill fees in cash will now receive a receipt. 

The town board passed two new ordinances on second reading and will make some additional amendments at their next meeting.  The ordinances limit the use of utilities for new residences to town utilities only.  Situations had arisen in which a mobile or trailer home or camper connected garden hoses or extension cords to a neighboring residence for power and water.  Mayor Leslie Baca said there are health problems that can arise from the practice, along with the potential loss of town utility fees.  Board member Tom Grasmick asked about time limitations, if a visiting mobile home uses the utilities in that manner for just a short visit.  Those questions will be discussed at the next board meeting and amended to the ordinances. 

Mayor Baca said some volunteers would be appreciated in October to help erect the new playground equipment coming to the community park.  She said the dates are October 7-9.  Twenty to thirty volunteers would be needed between 8am to 4pm on Saturday, October 8, and about 10 to 20 on the 9th from 8am to about 2pm.  She promised the volunteers would be fed for their community spirit. 

Granada Police Chief David Dougherty said the town needs to repair a patrol car door and security screen following the arrest of a DUI subject.  The chief said the person kicked out the screen and damaged door.  As there was little likelihood of restitution from the person, the city insurance provider, CIRSA, will cover the costs over the $500 deductible.  Dougherty said the repair estimate is $720.  John McMillan, town services supervisor said he needs a new chainsaw and a variety of tools.  He estimated one chainsaw at $215, but will provide additional prices for the board’s review at the October meeting. 

Dates have been set aside for the use of the community complex:  Sept. 26 for the Cemetery Improvement Group Meeting; Oct. 18 for the Granada Pride Jazz Orchestra; Oct. 24 for Masterpiece Photography; St. Mary’s 3rd Annual Fall Bazaar and the annual Hunter’s Breakfast on Nov. 12.

 Discussion on the GOCO grant and town audit was tabled until the next meeting and the board adjourned into executive session to close the monthly meeting.

By Russ Baldwin


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