Recycled Cans Stolen from SDS in Lamar

Apparently someone has been helping themselves to the bags of soda cans intended to be recycled by SDS in Lamar.  Kim Engsburg, executive director for Southeastern Developmental Services, said that on the past two Mondays, when the staff handles piles of the bagged cans dropped off at the collection site, there are hardly any bags at all.  Two collection bins on the south of the building are fenced in, and identified as ‘Walter’s Cans’ in memory of Walter Ely, who passed away this past year.  Engsburg said she doesn’t believe it was the work of kids, as she has seen lots of area youngsters dropping off their own cans as they pass by.  “They knew who Walter was, and I don’t think it was any of them who could do this,” she stated. 

Once a large enough assortment of cans has been collected, they are crushed and redeemed at a recycling plant in La Junta.  Engsburg believes adults may have done this, as it would take a vehicle to haul away the number of bags dropped off every week.  “They’re not getting a lot of money, she added,” stating that it takes several sizable loads and weight to generate a couple of hundred dollars in the recycle payout.  

She added that the activity fund used by the people served through SDS has literally been robbed.  Engsburg stated that the general public assumes taxes and Medicaid pays for client activities.  In fact she said,  SDS raises extra funds through bake and craft sales but mainly through the can recycling program, which has been continued in memory of Walter Ely.  Engsburg went on to state, “If you are a community member with any information regarding the thefts, please contact the Lamar Police Department.  On behalf of all staff and clients at SDS, thank you for your support.”

By Russ Baldwin


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