Everybody Out of the Pool, for the Day

The Lamar municipal pool was closed for the day, Wednesday, June 29, due to a chlorine leak.  Unfortunate timing, as Wednesday has been the hottest day of the year, posting a downtown temperature of 108 shortly before 2pm.

The Lamarlins swim team notified the Lamar Rec department of the chemical problem when members arrived for their morning practice, and repairs were soon underway.  According to city Leisure Services Director, Rick Akers, “You couldn’t see the bottom of the pool because of the amount of chlorine in it.  It wouldn’t be safe to let anyone in the water, so we closed for the day. ”  Akers said the pipe has been repaired and the chemical content of the water is being balanced, but it will take a day.  He added the pool will be open for business for Thursday, when temperatures are expected to cool to around 107.

By Russ Baldwin


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