Three Calls, No Fires for Lamar F.D.

The Lamar Fire Department was kept busy with responses over the weekend, and fortunately there were no fires or injuries.

The first call came shortly after midnight, Saturday, March 26 to a Lamar Community College dorm for a heat sensor alert in a basement. An investigation showed the sensor was activated due to a system malfunction. At 7:15 Sunday morning, another response was needed in the 300 block of South 8th in Lamar. A carbon monoxide alarm sounded due to a system malfunction brought about by a dead battery at the residence. Folks are reminded that batteries in home fire alarm or CO systems should be changed at least twice a year, the same time we set our clocks for DST. The third response of the weekend was of a more serious nature. A natural gas leak developed in the 500 block of North 5th Street when someone a pick-up truck struck and broke a gas meter at a residence. The meter, which was broken at ground level, was plugged to prevent further leaks and Atmos Gas company was notified for repairs.


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