Lamar Utility Board Plans Wind Turbine Repairs

Lamar Light & PowerThe main bearing in the gear box of the T-2 wind turbine is being damaged by excessive vibrations, and will have to be repaired in the next several months. The T-2 is one of four turbines located east of Lamar, off highway 50. Although it’s not designated an urgent issue, it is an involved process requiring a tall, multi-ton crane to be erected at the site, and the possible removal of the gear box from atop the turbine tower. Lamar Light Plant engineer Houssin Hourieh informed the board a cost estimate of the project will be made available. He said the plant has a company inspecting cracked bedplates that cradle the turbines. A certain amount of cracking is normal and expected.

Coal plant operations are still off-line, allowing crews to continue to make repairs to the boilers and various upgrades to meet emissions and efficiency requirements. The boiler manufactures are attempting to achieve the specific levels of efficiency for steam produced per amount of fuel consumed and better control levels of emissions for specific pollutants. Testing of the repairs and adjustments is set for late April or early May.

Board members voted to award a three year contract for weed control to LawnCo of Lamar. This encompasses approximately 30 acres of land for plant grounds, railroad, sub-stations and wind towers. The contract is $18,243.75 per each of the three years. The board also authorized the purchase of 5,000 feet of underground cable at a cost of $26,950, and $31,923 for three pad mount transformers.

Utility board members adjourned into executive session to discuss personnel matters and will hold their next meeting March 15.

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