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I want to thank all the good folks all over southeast Colorado who bought the book titled, “Oscar Hasser, Cow Puncher, ‘South of the Arkansas’”. As you know 100% of the proceeds from the book goes to the “Make a Wish Foundation, Colorado” and Hospice.  I’m not keeping one dime of it.

To date, the sales stand at a little over $5,000, but have not collected yet on around 35 mailed books. Hospice in Lamar and La Junta have received something like over $1,000 and “Make a Wish Colorado”, whichgranted one last wish to children who have few tomorrows, have received and will receive the balance which will probably amount to $4,500.  When we get the remainder of the checks sent and the receipts back, copies of those receipts in Lamar will be at Ranchers Supply, In las Animas at Miller’s Auto Parts and in La Junta at the La Junta Mill and Elevator, if anyone wishes to look at them.

Friends, some of the stories from “Make a Wish” about little children, tug at your heart strings. Since distributing the book for sale at various places, I have talked to four or five families here in the Arkansas Valley that have been touched by “Make a Wish”.  The stores carrying the books are about sold out and we have been trying to decide if we should order more, which would be the third edition.  Wish we knew how many more would be needed, but don’t know how we could tell.

In Lamar, stores handling the books are Ranchers Supply (over 100 books), Lamar Auto Parts, Lamar Vet Clinic, and Robinson Printing…in fact; Robinson’s Printing did much of the picture work and copying for the book, and the Lamar Hospice. In Las Animas, Miller Auto Parts and at the La Junta Mill and Elevator and Winter Livestock.   The good people in all these establishments deserve much more that a pat on the back, but they won’t accept one dime for handling.  You know, it almost brings tears to my eyes and it is pretty humbling to see that this old cowpuncher’s scribbling done out of love for my children and dad, could possibly bring such a response and acceptance along with so many positive comments about the book.

So again, thank you, all of you big hearted and generous folks of southeast Colorado for making a donation to “Make a Wish” and Hospice, and one might say received the book as a bonus. I know the children who will never have a chance at life like yours and my children, but have been given one last fling at happens by “Make a Wish”, say thank you, too.


Friends, God bless you all.

Marvin Hasser
Handspring Ranch
Hasty, Colorado

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