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Dear Editor,

It is about time for those who embrace the myth that the academic standards being used in the Colorado schools are “state-led”, being labeled as Colorado Academic standards, start doing their homework! They have researched no further that the CDE website and by doing so, are doing a disservice to our schools.

It is old news that two Washington lobbyist groups, the NGA (National Governors Assoc.) and the CCSSO (Chief Council of State School Officers) developed the Common Core State Standards. Achieve, Inc., a group funded heavily by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ($37 million dollars) composed the standards.

Now, if one were to view a comprehensive timeline, you will find the players in this “age old” education reform scam, that has been named and re-named, to include people like communist buddy of Obama, Bill Ayers, Valerie Bowman (Jarrett), George Bush, Walter Annenberg and even the “father of progressive education” John Dewey, Mark Tucker (famous for his “letter to Hillary”) etc….

Now for a very important recent development. Joanne Weiss was the director of the United States Education Dept.’s Race To The Top program, the vehicle through which STATES WERE BRIBED to accept Common Core and THE ALIGNED ASSESSMENTS(PARCC). In an essay recently published in the Fall 2015 Stanford Social Innovation Review, Weiss CONFESSED that USED strong-arm tactics to TRANSFORM STATES’ STANDARDS AND ASSESSMENTS SYSTEMS!!! “We forced alignment among the top three education leaders in each participating state- the governor, the chief state school officer, and the president of the state school board of education-by requiring each of them to sign their state’s Race to the Top application, in doing so, they attested that their office fully supported the state’s reform proposal.”  The standards were not even written yet and all schools were hijacked! She also admitted that, not only did the Department impose standards and assessments, it reached into the structure of state governments to dictate exactly how they should operate with respect to RttT. Weiss admits that USED “forced” state governments to get particular officials-the governor, the state school superintendent, and the state board chairman- to sign off on the state’s commitments regarding RttT.  Absolutely no legislation involved!!

Oh, did I mention Bill Gates contract with UNESCO? Microsoft providing services for a global education plan??

For three years, hundreds of schools, leadership teams, and teachers’ have converged on DUBAI for Common Core Curriculum Planning and Implementation. Local and state-led??? I do not think so!

According to a KDSL (Know, Do, Serve, Learn) white paper, Kevin Simpson, Global Educational Consultant, states that Common Core is an educational initiative that outlines what K-12 students should know in English Language Arts & Literacy in HISTORY/SOCIAL STUDIES, SCIENCE AND TECHNICAL subjects and MATH. The paper explored implementation of CC in Dubai’s American Curriculum Schools.

This group is closely affiliated with the Middle East North Africa Common Core Implementation.

I hope all the “state-led” advocates are beginning to see the whole global picture and understand the need to research. Saudi Arabia continues to pour millions and millions of dollars into American education and pays for teacher training, as well. The agenda? The Islamization of America! This should motivate Americans to “get informed” and start advocating for America and her children!

Thank you,

Barbara Hernandez
8305 Surrey Ridge

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