Adopt-an-Athlete Program Entering Fourth Year

New LCC LOGOLamar Community College’s Booster Club is kicking off its fourth year of the Adopt an Athlete Program this fall. The organization would like to invite the community at large and anyone interested in participating in the program to attend the Community Block Party on August 22 from 5-7pm in downtown Lamar. The Back-to-School Community Block Party will serve as an informal meet and greet for all prospective adopters and the LCC athletes.

“The Block Party will be a great chance for anyone who has an interest in the Adopt-an-Athlete program,” said Booster Club spokesperson Cheryl Sanchez. “There will be free food, activities, and entertainment, so it will be a very relaxed and fun way to meet the athletes.”

Families and individuals can adopt specific athletes or request that players be assigned to them. Because of this, events like the Block Party help potential adopters to find students who might fit well with their family.

Sanchez has been a supporter of Adopt-an-Athlete since its inception. “You make a close connection with your students,” she commented. “I’ve seen some really great connections between students and their hosts; these athletes can truly become a part of your family. When you take the time to make these students feel welcome, to give them a place to get away to, it can change their experience in Lamar for the better. Some students can be very homesick and having this support system through Adopt-an-Athlete can make all the difference.” If you are unable to make the meet and greet or if you would like more information about the Adopt an Athlete program please contact Cheryl Sanchez at 719.336.1516.

About LCC’s Adopt-an-Athlete Program Adopt-an-Athlete was created by the LCC Booster Club as a way for community members to become more involved in Runnin’ Lopes athletics and to support LCC athletes. LCC student-athletes come from all parts of the U.S. and the world. Many of them are away from home for the first time, and having a host family in the Lamar area makes their years in Lamar more welcoming and helps them make a successful transition to college. This program has yielded lasting friendships between host families and athletes.

The LCC Booster Club asks that host families adopt two or more athletes and follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Show support of these athletes by attending their home games, matches, or rodeos, as having familiar faces in the stands helps increase their confidence and pride.
  • Interact with the athletes on a regular basis (once or twice per month is recommended), which may include inviting them to the host home or taking them out to dinner or other family activities.
  • Keep the Booster Club informed of your activities, so that the club can evaluate the program’s effectiveness.

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