Space Age Check Out at the Lamar Library

Easy to Find, Easy to Use

Easy to Find, Easy to Use

Technology can help or hinder, but the new computer at the Lamar Library is a wonder to use when you check out a book.  Maybe :15 or :22 seconds for the total process if you have your library card ready to go.

Interim librarian Todd Schaefer explained the new device has been available since the latter part of June.  The computer, mostly video screen and scanning pad, sits at the left hand end of the main counter at the library, ready to do its thing.  “We got the unit from 3M, and we already have some of their equipment installed at the library, such as the traffic counter at the door or check out pads,” he explained.  Schaefer gave credit to former librarian, Debbie Reynolds for doing a lot of groundwork to attain the computer during her final year at the library.  “There was a lot of research on her part to attain this particular computer,” he added.

There’s no age limit for using the scanner, Schaefer stated, “We’ve had nine year olds use this, and for them, this type of technology is really nothing new.  We’re still trying to educate people to its use, as many older patrons are used to just walking up to the counter and having our staff check out their books.”

Once you’ve selected your book or publication, take out your library card, punch the screen for check out operation, scan your card, scan the book’s bar code, signify if you want a receipt and press ‘done’ on the screen and….you are!
By Russ Baldwin




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