Renovations Underway for New Taco Johns

Under Construction, June 2015

Under Construction, June 2015

The Taco Johns franchise is returning to Lamar after a several month absence.  The building, formerly known as Tacos, at 1701 South Main Street is being gutted from wall to wall, floor to ceiling to make way for a new operation under a new owner.

Motorists have noted the roll-outs and construction conexes in front of the building as workers from Camp and Currell Construction have been taking the former restaurant back to its support structure.  All the booths, serving area and cooking area have been removed, and apparently the electrical and plumbing and restrooms will be all new.  Doors and windows are also being replaced and a new façade will be built to the way current Taco Johns franchise restaurants are presented to the public.

The return of the popular eatery will be welcomed by local residents, who have seen some culinary changes in the southern part of town, with the addition of Lucy’s Tacos food wagon and Deliciosos, just a few doors down, which now offers a simultaneous Mexican and Italian menu.

Tacos, Formerly Taco Johns

Tacos, Formerly Taco Johns

When the Taco Johns franchise was terminated late last year, the proprietor, Clint Estep, found new food suppliers, developed a modified Mexican menu and different signage, renaming the operation Tacos, but the new venture had a very short business life and soon closed.  The opening date for the new Taco Johns restaurant is not fixed, but as of this article, a tentative date of September 18 has been offered, subject to change depending on the construction schedule.

By Russ Baldwin

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