Letter to the Editor: Henry Schnabel Regarding Commissioner’s Beer Garden Meeting

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I notice in the reporting of the commissioner meeting where alcohol at the fairgrounds was characterized as a public hearing. I would like to state that it in fact was NOT. A public hearing is when notice is published ahead of time so the general public will have an opportunity to comment on the proposed action.

In their campaigns for the office, No commissioner supported the sale of alcohol at the fairgrounds without the support of the citizens of the county. As late as Friday before the Tuesday vote, I had been assured that there would be a public hearing and told the people that I talked to that I would make sure they would be informed when it would be held. Tuesday before the meeting the chairman informed me that there would not be a public hearing and the issue would be passed.

I have always opposed the county sanction of alcohol sales at the fairgrounds or any other county property. The fair is a family event where it is celebrated with, and for our children and families. The message that is sent to the youth of our county is: you can’t enjoy life without alcohol, and then we wonder why we have such a problem with alcohol and drugs.

This is a major departure from county policy and has a great influence in the direction that the county will take in the future. I believe that this great of a change in directions should not be decided by the county commissioners, but should be presented to at least a public hearing, and should in all fairness presented for a public vote.

Thank you who have sent me notes and personally expressed your appreciation for my stand. There is going to be a public hearing by the city on the issue of a liquor permit for the event. I encourage any with an interest in this matter to attend and also talk to the county commissioners and express your position, for or against.

Thank you,
Henry Schnabel

(Editor’s Note:  The June 9 article in The Prowers Journal did not refer to the Commissioner’s meeting as a public hearing.)

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