Delcarl “Dutch” Louis Eikenberg…February 6, 1956 – May 17, 2015



Delcarl “Dutch” Louis Eikenberg came into this world February 6th, 1956 in Brush, Colorado to his wonderful parents, Delmer and Delores Eikenberg. He was an ornery little fella whom great Grandma Eikenberg affectionately named “Karlo”. While Delmer was driving, Delcarl began jabbering at 1 years old. When his dad (Delmer) had asked him, “What are you my little Dutchman?” Delcarl then started saying, “Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh” that is how Delcarl became Dutch!

Dutch started Kindergarten at Sheridan Lake, then he attended Woodlin School, Plainview School, and when the family moved to Haswell, which became their homestead, he attended Haswell Elementary and Junior High School. He Graduated from Eads High School in 1974.

While in High School Dutch got his first job farming for the Kreutzer Family. After Graduating he found work in Goodland, KS at the Sugar Beet Factory. While employed with the Sugar Beet Factory he was married to Katherine Lynn Garrison on June 4, 1978. On March 24, 1981 they were blessed with the birth of their first child Karl Louis Eikenberg and then again with the birth of Casey Clifford Eikenberg on June 23, 1983. The Sugar Beet Factory ended up closing in 1983. He returned home to Haswell to farm and ended up getting a job with Kiowa County Road and Bridge. Shortly after being employed with Kiowa County came the birth of their first daughter Krystal D.Loni Eikenberg on July 3, 1984. Seven years later Kemma Vera “OOPS” Eikenberg was born on June 7, 1991.

Dutch wanted to make Kiowa County a better place. After many long discussions and encouragement with Leonard Price, Dutch was convinced to start campaigning for Kiowa County Commissioner. With the DETERMINED and EXTREMELY hard teamwork with Gloria Peck, Dutch was elected and sworn in as a Kiowa County Commissioner in January of 1993. He was a well-respected and highly appreciated man for all the help he gave, not only to Kiowa County, but most importantly to the citizens of Haswell.  He was also elected and sworn in as town mayor for Haswell.  As Commissioner, some of Dutch’s accomplishments were getting the Kiowa County transit van, keeping the railroad open for as long as he could, and putting together a grant to build the water tower for the towns’ water supply. He had many great visions that unfortunately weren’t completely developed before his Commissioning career ended. Dutch cared deeply for the Community of Haswell and Kiowa County. He wanted to hear the concerns and ideas of the citizens and would try his hardest to pursue those ideas.  As mayor, he helped get the zip line park in Haswell built. With the help of the construction for the park from the county crew and community volunteers the park was officially completed and called The Haswell Recreational Park. Dutch helped put our little town on the map officially with the recognition of having the Nations Smallest Jail. He utilized what was available as well as helping Haswell look the best he could.

Dutch then moved on and worked a variety of jobs until he finally found employment with the Crowley County Correctional Facility. He was a highly recognized Correctional Officer whom was chosen for Employee-of-the-month several times through his 8 year career. Fellow co-workers always made jokes to  Dutch on how he should buy a camper and park it out in the parking lot of the facility due to all of the hours he worked. He became known as the “Overtime King!”

Dutch was the type of guy who always wanted to have fun. He enjoyed driving down the road listening to his Rock n’ Roll. He loved the fireworks on the 4th of July. The excitement that surrounded the holiday from setting off fireworks, to BBQ and food, and spending time with family and friends made it a time he always looked forward to. You could always count on Dutch for the latest dirty joke. No matter the situation or how inappropriate the timing was if he thought of it you can bet he would tell you a joke.  He loved his family and enjoyed the family gatherings. He was blessed with 5 great siblings. They all have many favorite memories but, one memory from his sister Delinda stood out the most. Delinda loved washing and polishing his Dodge Dart and listening to rock n’ roll on the 8-track while getting his car ready for Saturday night.

He was kind hearted and always willing to give his shirt off his back for anyone in need of help. He always had a very happy face even when times were hard. When you needed a smile or laugh all you had to do was talk to him. He would have you rolling with laughter and made you forget the hard time you were going through. He will always be a loved and deeply missed Son, Father, Brother, and Friend.

Dutch always praised and talked to his two sons about how he was so thankful for the support he got from the community in his 12 hardworking years he had as Kiowa County Commissioner and Mayor for Haswell. On his and his family’s behalf we want to tell the citizens of Kiowa County, “Thank you for all the support and the trust that you put into Dutch for making this county a fun, and beautiful homestead for families to live in. Also, for the everyday passer-byes to enjoy the scenery as they drive through.” God Bless you all!

Dutch Eikenberg passed away unexpectedly on May 17, 2015 at his home in Haswell.  Delcarl “Dutch” Louis Eikenberg is preceded in death by grandparents Albert and Emily Eikenberg, grandparents George and Vera Walker, and father Delmer Eikenberg.  Dutch is survived by his son Karl (Sarah) Eikenberg and grandchildren Jaden, Reona, and twins to come Waylen and Brody, son Casey (Janneke) Eikenberg and grandchildren Emilee and Haiden, daughter Krystal (Phil) Bartow, and daughter Kemma Eikenberg with fiancé Bob Alfano, mother Delores Eikenberg, brother Delmar (Cindy) Eikenberg, sister Delinda (Allan) Davidsson, brother Delton (Marlynn) Eikenberg, sister Delene (Roger) DeGroot, sister Delisa (Mike) Weeks, and numerous nieces and nephews.

Funeral services were held on Friday, May 22, 2015 at the Haswell Community Building in Haswell, CO.  Internment followed in the Haswell Cemetery.  Friends and family can register online condolences and sign the guest book at  Visitation and funeral services were entrusted to the care of the Brown Funeral Home in Eads.

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