Buxton – Turpin: Lamar Community College 2015 Alumni of the Year

Turpin and Buxton Friends and Families

Turpin and Buxton Friends and Families

(Lamar, Colorado; May 21, 2015) Bill Buxton and Gary Turpin were selected as the Lamar Community College Outstanding Alumni of the year.  They were honored LCC’s Annual Antelope Night held on May 1. President John Marrin introduced Bill Buxton and Gary Turpin, remarking on their contributions to Lamar and the surrounding area as well as their time at LCC.

The 2015 outstanding alumni of the year are cousins, classmates, and business partners in Heath & Turpin.  Both Bill Buxton and Gary Turpin attended LCC from 1958 to 1961. They joined the family business decades ago and now are partners with Gary’s brother, Kent.

Bill and Gary are proud of LCC and are eager to support the growth of the community and the local economy.  Heath & Turpin sponsors countless events and prides itself in supporting the local community.  It has funded many sports teams, from T-ball to adult recreational leagues over the years.  Heath & Turpin has sponsored the county fair, fundraisers, air shows, baseball tournaments, Southeast Colorado Cancer Initiative, Two-Shot, Pheasants Forever, Snow Goose Festival, schools and a plethora of other events, charities and fundraisers imaginable.  Their contributions are not only monetary, but they have also donated beef to numerous events and fundraisers over the years.  H&T has supported LCC for many decades by funding scholarships, sponsoring events and contributing toward the new residence hall to grow the existing campus.

Most people consider Gary Turpin the “front man” for Heath & Turpin.  With a ready smile and a kind word, he’s the one who is out in the community.  Part of this is because he manages the trucking side of the business with hauling cattle, sheep and hogs all over the United States. Gary has found his niche in dispatching and loading trucks for clients in need of moving animals to feedlots or processing plants. To improve on efficiency, Gary is on-site loading one to 30 trucks at all hours of the day.

Gary’s interests lie in his kids and grandkids, attending sporting events and any activity they are involved in.  To this day, Gary loves basketball and attends Lamar Savage and LCC Runnin’ Lopes games not only for the love of the sport but also to socialize.  Gary served on the Sand & Sage Fair Board and is now an honorary member, having earned the “Fair Appreciation” award for his many years of service.  Gary and his wife Ann have been a host family for many LCC baseball team members over the years and spend their spare time on the golf course in both Lamar and Montrose.

Chosen for the “Fighting Antelope” award while attending Lamar Junior College, Bill Buxton studied ag and participated in livestock judging before graduating and transferring to CSU to complete his Bachelors in Animal Science. He returned to Lamar after graduating and joined Heath & Turpin & Son as well.  Bill has been involved in every aspect of the business — herding sheep, driving a truck, and fixing equipment as the company acquired more.  Bill found his niche in the business with maintaining tractors and trailers, forming a full service diesel mechanic shop to serve the ever growing business.

Bill’s passions are with his kids and their families.  Bill has always been known to work, whether it be at the shop, on the farm or helping out a neighbor.  Bill and his brothers, Kenny and Tom, formed 3 B’s Inc. to continue farming their father’s land.  Bill has always enjoyed farming and is continually seeking innovative ways to improve efficiency, yields and to make it a viable operation for the family.  Bill loves the PBR.  He attends many of the live events or follows them on TV as the bull riders travel around the world.  Another hobby Bill has is pooling on NASCAR races and football games to encourage competition and banter among his neighbors.

Both Bill and Gary continued their education at Lamar Junior College, becoming who they are with its solid base.  Lamar Community College is proud of their accomplishments and commitment to Southeast Colorado.

Congratulations to Bill Buxton and Gary Turpin on their selection as LCC’s 2015 Outstanding Alumni of the Year!

For more information regarding LCC’s alumni awards, see www.lamarcc.edu/alumni or 719.336.1520.

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