Professor Jeff Broome, PhD to Present Program to Prowers County Historical Society

Jeff Broome, PhD in philosophy and a long-tenured professor at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton

Jeff Broome, PhD in philosophy and a long-tenured professor at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton

Jeff Broome, PhD in philosophy and a long-tenured professor at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, will present the program at the Prowers County Historical Society at Big Timbers Museum at 7:00 PM Thursday, April 16th. Guests arriving early will be entertained by Jeff playing original acoustic finger-style guitar from his latest CD.

Jeff is a well-published author on the Plains Indian wars in Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska, and will be speaking of incidents taken from his newest book, Cheyenne War: Indian Raids on the Roads to Denver, 1864-1869. Included in the presentation will be the story of the killing of the Nathan Hungate family near Denver on June 11, 1864, one of the preludes to Sand Creek. He will also talk about the capture and later murder of Clara Blinn and her young son, Willie, which occurred October 9, 1868. The Blinn’s ran a way station east of the present Big Timbers Museum about 7 miles where Sand Creek enters the Arkansas River. Clara and Willie were captured on the north side of the Arkansas near present day Lamar. Jeff will also share an interesting story of captivity of two young sisters, taken near present-day Cheyenne, by Indians who survived Sand Creek. Jeff’s great-great uncle was with the 3rd Colorado Cavalry at Sand Creek, and was credited by his commanding officer for killing White Antelope. Jeff’s family has been in Colorado since 1859.

Jeff’s passion and focus on the Indian wars is mostly on the civilian victims of this five-year war, which began with his first book, Dog Soldier Justice: The Ordeal of Susanna Alderdice in the Kansas Indian War. Susanna was killed at her rescue near Sterling on July 11, 1869, at the Summit Springs fight.

Jeff will have copies of his books, CD and other publications, for sale at the museum after his talk.

Arapahoe Community College
5900 S. Santa Fe Drive
Littleton, CO 80160-9002
(303) 794-8120 – (303) 797-5787


University of Colorado, Boulder: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Dec. 1998. Major: Philosophy (MA, 1993)

Baylor University, Waco, TX: Master of Arts (MA), Dec. 1976. Major: Philosophy

Colorado State University at Pueblo: Bachelor of Science (BS), June 1975. Major: Psychology and Philosophy

St. John’s Military School, Salina, Kansas, 1967-1971



Dog Soldier Justice: The Ordeal of Susanna Alderdice in The Kansas Indian War, Lincoln County Historical Society, October, 2003; Reprinted 2009 with the University of Nebraska Press as a Bison Book, with new Foreword and Preface

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Papers delivered:

“Custer, Kidder and the Beaver Creek Massacre of 1867.” Read at Westerners of Denver, Cheyenne, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins; Elizabeth High School and Arapahoe Community College

“Susanna Alderdice, the Spillman Creek Raid and the Battle at Summit Springs.” Read at Lincoln County Historical Museum Society, Lincoln, Kansas, November 2000 and October 2001. Revised version read at Arapahoe Community College, Denver Indian Wars Symposium, Feb. 2001 and the ACC Distinguished Lecture Series, December 2001. Another version read at the Salina Library (Kansas), Oct. 2002. Also presented to the Boulder, Colorado Springs and Denver Westerners, 2001

Numerous talks across America since 2003, covering the Indian wars in Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska, Custer from 1867-1876, Indian depredation claims, Indian raids, Indian captivity, etc. averaging about 8 per year.

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